What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial Art. This gentle form of exercise comprises of a series of slow, fluid, mindful movements with proven benefits to health and well-being.

Tai Chi is designed to enhance energy (Qi). Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Qi is the life energy essential for good health.

What is Tai Chi for Health?

Tai Chi for Health programmes have been specially designed by a team of Tai Chi and medical experts. They are safe, easy and enjoyable to learn and deliver many health benefits.

I teach the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Energy programmes. They are based on the Sun, Chen and Yang Styles of Tai Chi, which have a higher stance and includes powerful Qi Gong movements that facilitate healing and relaxation.

Although especially effective for arthritis, this course is safe and suitable for any beginner looking for health improvement or fall prevention.

Medical studies have shown the Tai Chi for Arthritis programme to relieve pain, improve balance and quality of life. The programme is supported by a number of international organisations including Arthritis Care, UK.

To find out more about Tai Chi for Health or Tai Chi for Arthritis visit.

Tai Chi for you

I now teach a number of classes and am always looking for more opportunities. You can expect a warm welcome at whichever Tai Chi class you attend and they are suitable for people of all ages, levels and abilities and can be practiced sitting or standing.

If you have any questions please get in touch. For more information and to book a class please contact:

Telephone: 07884 405868 or
Email: info@owenacupuncture.co.uk 

  • Wednesday

    New at The Well Retreat
    9:20-10:20 am - Class full.

  • Wednesday

    New at The Well Retreat
    10:45-11:45 am - Get in touch for the class information.

  • Wednesday

    New at The Well Retreat
    8:15-9:15 pm - Get in touch for the class information.