Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Chinese Herbs are an integral part of Chinese Medicine working under the guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory.

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) works on the premise that good health is maintained by a body functioning as a whole system, which provides a natural balanced flow of energy. This flow of energy (often referred to as Qi) can be thought of as how well you fight off infections, gain nourishment from food and have enough physical energy to maintain a happy and well rounded lifestyle.

CHM views each person individually and holistically, focusing on you rather than just your illness, seeing all the signs and symptoms in relation to each other as a reflection of the underlying root cause.

Each person's unique diagnosis will point towards a therapeutic combination of herbs tailored to correct the imbalance. Prescriptions in Chinese Herbal Medicine draw on the collected wisdom of the Chinese Materia medica, a book that lists several hundred commonly used ingredients, including roots, stems, flowers, leaves and barks. Herbal medicines harness the interactions between different compounds to treat illness.

Herbs are usually prescribed in complex formulas that are carefully matched to a specific pattern of ill health that underlies the condition being treated. With the underlying cause of their disease being tackled, rather than just the presenting symptoms, patients often report improvements in many seemingly unrelated areas of their health.

There are strict rules that prohibit the use of medicine containing material sourced from endangered animals and plant species (and there are often adequate plant-based alternatives to animal-derived ingredients).

I take care to only source ingredients from UK suppliers providing a 100% non-sulphur treated herbal product range. All of the herbs are grown according to the DaoDi principle (cultivated in the right regions and harvested at the right times) and according to traditional texts, with no use of pesticides or herbicides in the farming methods; this ensures the herb's authenticity and effectiveness.

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